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Terms and Conditions

We are Elite Moving Limited registered in England and Wales under company number ******** and have our registered offices at 118 Godalming Avenue, Wallington, SM6 8NW (“Elite Moving”, “we”, “our” or “us”.)

We provide a website platform to book transport services for personal and business use (“you” or “your”). Most of the time we supply our own drivers and vehicles to complete bookings and in rare occasions we may use 3rd party suppliers to complete bookings. Our booking system allows you to input your inventory and obtain a price that can be booked and paid for. We refer to this a “booking/bookings”

2. You and Elite Moving: Our Agreement

  • We are a transport company that undertake bookings placed on our site. Majority of the time, the drivers and vehicles are supplied by our own company. However, we reserve the right to outsource and use 3rd party supplies to complete bookings. 
  • Whenever a booking is made, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Please ensure you read carefully our terms and conditions prior to booking our services.
  • Our terms and conditions detail our relationship with you, when things go wrong and including what you may be liable to pay.
  • Whenever a 3rd party supplier is used, we will rectify the issue ourselves
  • We derive our quotes from the information you supply to us. Therefore, it is very important that input your requirements accurately as possible. In the event that information supplied was inaccurate, we reserve the right to reject the job and keep booking fees according to our “cancellation fee policy”.
  • We reserve the right to reject any booking at our discretion based on the information you provide. In this case, any refunds will be processed according to our “cancellation policy”.
  • Our website is designed to be used by individuals and businesses used in the United Kingdom or Europe.
  • Use of this Site in an Unauthorised Jurisdiction is entirely at your own risk.
  • We limit our liability to you under our terms and conditions to a maximum of £200.00 (two hundred pounds sterling, GBP) per booking

3. Changes to your Booking

If you need to change your Job, then you can do upto 23:59 before the day of the job. Please email info@elitemoving.co.uk to make changes to your order. We will always try to accommodate any changes you require but if we have to book a new job you may be required to pay an additional fee/pay a cancellation fee/ or increase/decrease the moving fee to the original job.

4. Insurance

All our Drivers have to carry motor insurance for business use, but this may not cover your items for loss or damage. If your items are lost or damaged during transit you must contact us only after the Job has completed so that we can investigate. We recommend you take photos of your items before transit so any damage can be evidenced after the event.

We are not liable for the actions of a Driver or any damage caused to your items by a Driver, but we will assist with resolving any dispute between you and the Driver.

5. Our responsibilities

  • We will ensure that we allocate a team to carry your job to the best standard. If we cannot book a Driver for your Job, we will tell you as soon as possible by email (please check your spam folders) or telephone. If we cannot find a Driver in time to complete your Job, we will not charge the Moving Fee.

  • If your original booked Driver is unable to start your Job, we will use our reasonable efforts to find a different Driver to complete your Job.
  • We will ensure with each Driver and regularly check that the Driver has; a full driving licence; and confirm the size of van(s) available to that Driver.

6. The Driver’s responsibilities

  • By accepting your Job, the Driver agrees to complete that Job to a professional standard without damaging your items and delivering them to the address you gave us when you booked that Job. Each Driver carries in their van: carry trolleys; straps; blankets.

  • The Driver will collect and transport only the items you have listed in your Job. If you ask the Driver to move any items, you did not list in your Job then the Driver has the right to refuse.

  • Your Driver can choose to wait for up to 20 minutes after the Job start time you set in your booking, but this is at the Drivers sole discretion as they may have other Jobs they need to go to. If your Driver cannot wait or you are not at your Job’s pick-up address within 20 minutes of your Job start time, then the Driver is free to leave, and you will be charged 100% of the Moving Fee.

  • If you are not at the pickup address at the time stated in your Job booking the Driver will attempt to contact you on the telephone number you provided in your Job booking.

8. Your responsibilities

  • You must be at least 18 years old to use our Platform and you must provide us with a valid email address and telephone contact information. We reserve the right to immediately suspend your access to our Platform if we suspect the information you have provided is false or misleading.

  • You must provide accurate information to us when you book your Job. If you provide information that is not true and accurate your Driver may not be able to find you, arrive at the wrong time or not have the right sized van or equipment to complete your Job. If a Driver cannot complete a Job because you did not provide the correct information, then we will charge you up to 100% of the Moving Fee and you will need to book a new Job.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to our Platform at all times when using our services. You must provide anyone whose personal information you supply to us (for example if a friend or family member is meeting the Driver for your Job) with a copy of these Terms and our Privacy Notice found here

  • You agree to provide us at all times with your contact details up to and including the date of your Job.

  • You agree to keep your payment information up to date and to provide us with a valid payment card at the time your Job is booked and at all times until the Job is completed.

  • You agree to be at the pickup address set out in your Job request with your items ready to be loaded onto the Driver’s vehicle at least 15 minutes before the time the Driver is scheduled to arrive. If you are not ready in good time, then we may cancel your Job and charge you 100% of the Moving Fee.

  • You must arrange access for the Driver at the drop off location set out in your Job.

  • You must arrange for all parking permissions including paying any fees required for parking the Driver’s vehicle so your Job can be completed without the Driver being given a parking fine. If the Driver arrives and cannot park without risking a penalty, then we may cancel your Job and charge you 100% of the Moving Fee.

  • Drivers do not carry cash to pay for parking meters or similar and it is your responsibility to pay for any parking related fees. A Driver may refuse to complete your Job is required to park an unsafe distance away from your pickup address. If a Driver is charged a parking penalty to complete your Job this will be charged to you in addition to your Moving Fee.

  • If you book a Driver to move goods to a municipal waste centre, you agree to confirm with that municipal waste facility if the Driver requires any permit to gain access and complete your Job. This may include informing the local authority of the size of van being used and the nature of the items being disposed of. If a Driver is not able to complete your Job because you have not made the necessary arrangements or then the Driver will return all your items to your pickup address and your will be charged 100% of the Moving Fee.

  • You agree to behave and ensure that any other person travelling with the Driver on your Job behaves in a way that is not abusive or threatening towards your Driver. If we become aware of any abusive or unreasonable behaviour by you or anyone connected to you towards a Driver or our staff, then we reserve the right to terminate your Job with immediate effect; suspend your access to our Platform; and charge you 100% of the Moving Fee.

9. The Moving Fee

  • The Moving Fee will not change unless you amend the terms of your Job e.g. by changing the drop off or pickup location, add or subtract items, change the nature of the items you want moving.

  • When you agree to the Moving Fee quoted by our Platform, we take a pre-authorisation against the debit/credit card and then charge the full fee after completion of your Job.You pay the Moving Fee in full only on completion of the Job.

  • The Moving Fee will include any congestion or emission zone charges provided you have informed us. You are responsible for any parking charges for the job.

  • Payments can be made using a valid credit card/debit card or using cash paid to the driver.

  • If the Moving Fee is not paid on completion of a Job, then we may prevent you from using our Platform until the Moving Fee has been paid. If you cannot pay the Moving fee for any reason you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss the issue with us.

  • If you do not pay the Moving Fee or any other fees that we reasonably charge for our services then we will commence collections proceedings in accordance with our Collections Policy, which may mean we ask a third party debt collection agency to recover our fees. Any recover action against you may affect your credit rating and incur extra fees charged by our collection agent.

  • We have set out what fees are included in your Job booking and what fees would need to be paid separately by you on or before the Job’s date.

10. Extra fees

  • Please see below for extra charges that you are responsible to pay 

    1. Parking Fees - you need to pay these on the day of the job or prior. Any parking penalty incurred by our drivers, you will be responsible for.

    2. Ferry Crossing - If a driver is required to use a ferry, you will be required to pay for the cost to destination and return ferry back.

    3. Eurostar -  If a driver is required to use the Eurostar, you will be required to pay for the cost to destination and return back

    4. Overseas Travel - Charges relating to toll roads and bridges you will be required to pay

    5. Driver cannot complete drop off - If a driver cannot complete a job due to something within your control, we reserve the right to to charge an additional fee to reattempt again

11. Cancellation fee

  • You can cancel your booking online or by phone at any time up to the day of the Job, but you might have to pay us a cancellation fee. You do not have a 14-day cooling off period after booking Job.

  • The fees set out below will be charged to your card depending on how much notice you give us to cancel your Job. 

Cancellation notice.Fee charged to you
Within 3 hours of the time you booked.Free Cancellation
If you give us at least 2 days' notice before your Job date.35% of Booking Fee
If you give us less than 48 hours' notice before the time your Job was booked to start.100% of your Moving Fee

12. If you have a complaint

  • If you have a complaint, we will do our best to help you resolve it. You can contact us by email at info@elitemoving.co.uk

  • Nothing in these Terms creates or be deemed to create a joint venture, partnership or agency relationship between you and us.

  • By using the Platform, you agree that our liability to you is capped at £100.00 per Job. If you accept any cash compensation paid by us in relation to a Job, then your acceptance will be in full and final settlement of any and all claims you may have for that Job against the Driver and us.

13. Your information

  • We collect and process all information in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

18. Your feedback

  • For each transaction you can rate your Driver by leaving feedback using our Platform or a link that we send you.

  • Feedback is important to us and all the Drivers who use our Platform. Feedback helps improve the service offered but only works if it is honest and given in good faith. If we determine that:

    • you asked a Driver to do something not listed in your Job booking (e.g. move a few extra items); or you threatened a Driver with negative feedback to get a service not listed in your Job booking (e.g. to move something to a different drop off address).

  • We will terminate your Platform account; remove the feedback; or in the case of a third-party provider request the feedback be removed from their service.

Parking, loading and unloading

Restricted Parking - You must arrange for suitable parking arrangements for the driver to park, load and unload your items. You must also pay for any parking permits or pay and display tickets the Driver will need to complete your Job. These include, but are not limited to, suspended bays, parking permits, width restrictions and parking distances from your premises. If the Driver has to pay for any parking related costs directly linked to your Job, then your card will be charged the amount of the parking costs incurred in addition to the Moving Fee.

Access to the pickup/drop off address - You must make sure the Driver has safe access to the pick and drop location. Please advise of any issues by mail at info@elitemoving.co.uk